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Virtual Conference Academic Schedule

The CMCMAC conference features an illustrious list of speakers who will expound on various topics relevant to the practice of general medicine in the primary, secondary and tertiary settings. 

Postgraduates will find the PG clinics, spotters, and case-based discussions invaluable in their preparation.

This year we are also focusing on the all-too relevant topic of the COVID-19 pandemic, trying to distill the accurate, clinically meaningful and robust evidence from a sea of information


Nov 23

Medical Disorders in Pregnancy

  • Diabetes in pregnancy

  • Thyroid disorders in pregnancy

  • Anticoagulation in Pregnancy

  • Case Based Discussion: Obsmed

Nov 24

COVID and Beyond

  • Modelling in infectious disease
  • Immunological considerations in vaccine development
  • Evidence-based management of COVID19
  • Anticoagulation in COVID19

Nov 25

Updates in General Medicine

  • Updates in diagnosis and management of TBM

  • Antibiotic resistance

  • Home Oxygen therapy

  • Poster presentation

Nov 26

Updates in General Medicine

  • Pulmonary fibrosis management

  • Effects of prolonged ventilation

  • Impact of a physician in a community

  • Networking in medicine

Nov 27

Medical Education

  • Physical examination in an AI world

  • Online medical education

  • Mental health for a physician

  • PG clinics

  • Spotters